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The Utah State Library can provide you with widgets for your blog or website. These widgets come in two varieties: search widgets and new publications widgets.

Search Widgets allow your users to search all of the publications in the Digital Library directly from your site.

Click the "Get Widget" button to customize and dowload the widget code for your site.


The Utah State Library can create specialized search widgets for state agencies and others. These can provide your users with access to your publications, publications of or about a county or city, or publications relating to any particular topic of interest such as crime statistics or job reports. For example, this widget provides a search of all the publications by the Utah State Historical Society:


Another kind of widget, New Publications Widgets, lead you to new publications in the digital library using our RSS feeds.

You can use the widgets that you see here, or we can prepare custom widgets for specific government agencies and for specific collections.

They are easy to use, customizable, and are available for use in any website. They also include options of easy integrating with iGoogle, Netvibes, Wordpress, Blogger, Typepad, and a number of other specific platforms.

For those interested in contributing to building this library of publications, you can also download and install the Twitter conversation widget:


For assistance or to request custom widgets, please contact:

Digital Library Services
(801) 715-6752 (Digital Library)