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About Utah Government Publications Online

Utah State Library: Winter View

Welcome to Utah Government Publications Online, a digital library service of the Utah State Library in cooperation with government agencies. It provides public access to the growing number of "born digital" publications created by State of Utah agencies as well as those of some counties and cities. Most of the items in this growing collection are of recent publication.

Utah Government Publications Online exists to provide you with easy to use and permanent access to publications. This website is designed for the general public, state agencies, and library visitors throughout the state for finding and accessing Utah government produced information. It also provide a means for government agencies to deposit their publications with the Utah State Library as required by law.

Submitting to the Library. Government agencies are invited to upload publications and provide descriptions of them. To submit publications, please use the state publications Submission form link. Members of the public may use the "Suggestion form" to bring publications to our attention for inclusion.

Limitations. The digital library does not contain all publications published by State of Utah agencies, counties, and cities.

Many born-digital publications still exist solely on agency web sites or in their possession. If a current publication you need is not in the collection, please notify us. We can usually locate it and get it loaded and indexed within 72 hours.

Many historical documents exist only in print format in the collection of the State Library. For additional and earlier publications please search the Utah State Library Division's Online Catalog. Print-only publications can be borrowed by interlibrary loan.

Digital Archives. The State Publications Digital Archives provides a wide variety of information taken from state government websites and archived through the facilities of Internet Archive, the largest publicly accessible permanent repository of web-based information on the face of the earth. State websites are selectively crawled for useful information and available even after agencies remove the information from the web, creating permanent public access.  The collection is constantly updated, and contains separate collections reflecting different aspect of state government information and services.

Usage. All publications are in the public domain unless otherwise noted.