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Definition of a State Government Publication

Utah State Library: Spring View

According to the Utah Code Annotated 9-7-101 Definitions

    (4) "Physical format" means a transportable medium in which analog or digital information is published, such as print, microform, magnetic disk, or optical disk.    

    (6) "Political subdivision" means a county, city, town, school district, public transit district, redevelopment agency, or special improvement or taxing district.

    (7) "State agency" means the state, an office, department, agency, authority, commission, board, institution, hospital, college, university, or other instrumentality of the state.

    (8) (a) "State publication" means a book, compilation, directory, document, contract or grant report, hearing memorandum, journal, law, legislative bill, magazine, map, monograph, order, ordinance, pamphlet, periodical, proceeding, public memorandum, resolution, register, rule, report, statute, audiovisual material, electronic publication, micrographic form and tape or disc recording regardless of format or method of reproduction, issued or published by a state agency or political subdivision for distribution.

         (b) "State publication" does not include correspondence, internal confidential publications, office memoranda, university press publications, or publications of the state historical society.

State agencies and local governments should submit a digital copy of publications using the online submission form and supply the Web address if there is one.

If the publication is in a physical format as well as a digital format, please send the digital copy and a minimum of 3 physical format copies to the State Library. If the publication is only available in print, please send 18 copies to the State Library.

State agencies may not remove a state publication it posts to its public website until a copy is deposited into the digital library for permanent public access.

A good guide is to send all publications EXCEPT THE FOLLOWING:

Legislative bills and bill files are excluded from the Utah State Library's digital library in the public interest because access is best provided by the Legislature. Additionally, under a Memorandum of Understanding with the Utah State Law Library dated 29 September 2006, opinions and records of trial courts, court calendars, case files and reports, decrees, dockets, documents, judgments, minutes, orders, rulings, transcripts, or audio/video of proceedings and hearings are not considered to be publications. Examples of court publications to beincluded in the digital library are annual reports, state of the judiciary reports, appellate court opinions, final and/or annual reports of supreme court and judicial council committees and task forces, guides, and pamphlets.

For more information: Linda Roholt